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As soon as a problem arises in the way your door functions, you need to call Golden Garage Door Service. When it comes to mechanics, you want to avoid escalating a problem as it may cost you not only money but also valuable time. When your door suddenly won't open the way it usually does, or you notice that it makes a noise that is new to you, give us a call. You might attempt to fix it on your own. However, due to the build and setup of garage doors, that might not be such a good idea. Mistakes often happen if you are untrained and in worse scenarios, could lead to bodily harm Golden Garage Door Service technical teams have the skills and tools to make sure that not only do we restore your door to what it was, but we also make sure you are unharmed.

Doors are prone to reasonable wear and tear with age. If the operation of your door is not as it should be, you should schedule an inspection with our staff. If left uninspected, the severity of the damage and deterioration of your door may worsen to unmanageable levels and maybe even stop working. Golden Garage Door Service is already an established provider in the Pomona, CA district with a deep history of saving you money, time and reducing your frustration. We would also like you to enjoy these services.

Garage Door Inspections

Golden Garage Door Service Pomona, CA 909-655-0098Garage doors are complex structures, with many moving parts that are meant to work together. The manner in which these parts move is very technical and complicated. When a single unit fails, the whole system also stops working. To avoid confusion and frustration, it is advised that you let a specialist do all routine checks and inspections. Golden Garage Door Service are well versed in the mechanics of garage doors to ensure that all the parts are working well and are safe to operate.

Since the efficient working of your garage door is pegged on the efficiency of all the components of your door, Golden Garage Door Service carefully looks at all the components including remote door opener, all the springs that move your door, cables, tracks and any other hardware that is vital to making your door work. They will notice when anything is out of place, breakage and wear and tear that could compromise your machine.

Every door is unique in how it operates. With a keen eye, we scrutinize all the parts of your door, and our technicians follow the analysis with a suggestion for fixing it on the spot or schedule a follow-up visit. Restorative maintenance includes replacement of parts, oil application, fixing any loose bolts and appropriate action for spring tension. Not only do we make your garage door last longer, but we also make it operate at full efficiency.

Damaged Doors

Garage doors are prone to breakage. From a one-time accident to the regular wearing out caused by usage, the state of your garage door could be compromised at any time. The way it breaks is not as important as restoring your garage door to its secure state. It could be very frustrating when your door doesn’t work as it should as it exposes your property to hazards and exposes your house to intrusion.

Golden Garage Door Service take the crown in doing repairs and installation on the same day we get the call. We have numerous teams of equally competent servicemen that we dispatch to your location to carry out any work on your garage door including fixing your garage door opener. When your need is more urgent, Golden Garage Door Service are available full-time, 24 hours a day. We will not allow you to miss an appointment, reschedule an event on account of your emergency or for your day to not go as it should.

Any garage door brand and any technical issue can be diagnosed and fixed by our technicians. Their experience has never come into question, and they will go the extra mile just to make sure your garage door is as good as new.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

A garage door track is one of the most important parts in your garage door. It makes your door open and close the way it should, all the time. Sometimes, the garage door gets knocked off the track, therefore, causing the door not to work as it should.

If a cable accidentally breaks or due to age and use, breaks, the garage door can leave the track. Another reason for the breakage of cables is if they get wet, too much heat or from the cold. When the door is rising, a cable break will happen, and it will be limited to one side of the track.

The blockage is also a relatively common reason for a garage door leaving the track. Any blockage will force the garage door off the track. The reason for a breakage is necessary so that the client knows what not to do next time. If the garage door doesn’t work because of a track related issue, it is time to call in the experts. Golden Garage Door Service are very efficient in returning your door back to the track.

As with any other garage door issue, fixing the problem on your own is not advised. That same precaution applies to tracks. The skills and tools that are needed to do that kind of repair are specialized, and you most likely do not have them. An off-track garage door could paralyze the entire mechanism. If left unattended, it could endanger your garage, property or you. The best thing to do is to arrange a site visit with our technical team to put everything as it should be.