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Garage door springs are yet another essential part of garage door operation. They dictate the movement of the garage door. At any random time, garage door springs are under intense tension. Most spring malfunctions when the door is closed. When the spring breaks while the door is open, though, the weight of the door could be responsible for a whole lot of damage. Only the best-trained experts are equipped to carry our repairs in garage door springs. If your access has been limited due to a malfunctioning spring, you should give Golden Garage Door Service a call. We have the necessary maintenance and replacement tools and expertise.

Golden Garage Door Service Pomona, CA 909-655-0098Golden Garage Door Service, we are used to coming up with quick yet effective solutions to your door spring issues. We recommend the befitting door spring alternatives. We give you information on how to maintain your spring in such a way that it's both simple and safe to maintain them. There arises a need for a complete replacement. We stock an array of high-quality door springs that we are ready to put to use should the situation demand it. Our goal remains to offer you a service that leaves you satisfied and one that returns your garage door to optimum working condition.

Garage doors have been made in such a way that for the door to work, the tension on the strings is equal to the weight of the door. A 150-pound door has to work with a spring that has exactly 150 units of tensile strength. It’s a technical match that seems simple enough in theory but one that needs a garage door technician to put into effect. Technicians at Golden Garage Door Service are the right one to be called for your doors spring issue in the Pomona, CA.

Knowing the technical details of the ratio of tensile strength to door weight is something that requires a solid education background and plenty of experience. Golden Garage Door Service have skilled staff that has worked with all sorts of springs and doors, and they are ready to assist in any situation.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs have a strong beam at the top of the garage door. These springs are responsible for handling the weight of the garage door. They work with cables so that when the door is going upwards, the springs relax and uncoil. This is what makes a garage door open. On the other hand, to close the door, the springs tense up and coil.

These activities occur at the same time, giving the door its opening and closing characteristic. Torsion springs make the management of massive weight loads easier. However, their build makes them risky to fix without the necessary tools or skill set. Some of the characteristics that determine the strength and lifespan of a torsion spring are wire size, inner diameter, and spring length. These factors will be vital in telling the spring’s weight limit, and an estimate of the frequency of door use until the spring can't work. The canon rule is, a larger spring carries more weight.

Commercial garage doors usually need more than two springs. Residential doors are average and rarely need more than two springs.

Extension Springs

As compared to other springs, extension springs are made to handle the weight of the door by extension and compression when the door goes up and down respectively. They can be mounted on machinery in the door system.

To open, the springs compress to neutralize the weight of the garage door. When the door goes up, these springs expand, making the door rise to its highest level. In the door’s downward movement, the springs relax so that the door goes back to its neutral position. These springs share a principle with torsion springs in that the tension in them is tremendous. Without experience, fiddling with these springs can ruin the entire system, the structure of the garage or the person messing with the springs.

Springs are sensitive, and it is the best idea to make sure they are regularly checked. If they appear worn out or are showing signs of breakage, they can be replaced. Golden Garage Door Service is trusted to sort out all your garage door spring repairs or replacements.